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Ford Maya Concept

The Ford Maya was designed in 1984, by Giugiaro. Ford intended the car for production and it had features, including a targa top. The Ford Maya was intended to have 250bhp twin turbo Ford V6 engine, however this was still being developed at the time, so a Ford pushrod iron block 3 litre V6 engine was used from a Ford Taurus, developing 140bhp. The road going car was a fully working prototype, with only the dashboard discounted. The car cost $500,000 to design and produce. CAR magazine tested the Maya in 1985 and found it to be a good handling car with no body roll. Unfortunately Ford never produced the car.


Ford Maya Prototype

Ford Maya Supercar


Road going Ford Maya




The interior of the road going Ford Maya


Ford V6 Engine


A rendering of the Ford Maya by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital design